Workshop Descriptions

Gabriel is an inspirational speaker, writer and teacher. He shares philosophy with poetry, instruction with allegory, passion with laughter, and tradition with modernism.


Teacher Training
Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned practitionerae whether you plan to teach or just want to learn more about yoga; Gabriel’s Teacher Training touches on a variety of topics that will benefit all who attend.


Thai Yoga Training
Increase your earning potential and become a leader in the Yoga business with Thai Yoga. In this training Gabriel will show you ways to enhance your practice and your teachings, and empower you to offer a unique one-on-one experience to your students and clients.


Thai Yoga Workshops
Join Gabriel in a comfortable, safe and compassionate setting as he discusses what Thai Yoga is and what makes this practice so insightful, physically, mentally and spiritually.


Ashtanga Workshops
From the ancient traditions, to the modern classroom, Gabriel will take you on a journey like no other. Learn why for centuries, people all over the world have practiced Ashtanga Yoga as a specific path to health, vitality, and spirituality.


All Levels Workshops
Gabriel developed these workshops for those who have never experienced yoga and for those who are more mature in their practice yet still enjoy marveling at the infinite wisdom behind it all.


Intermediate Workshops
Take your practice to the next level!
Gabriel will teach you how to blend lightness with strength, how to listen for your own personal edge and go ever so slightly beyond it, and how to cultivate a regular practice through daily acceptance of your body.